Setting Up CloudDNS records on Cloudwafer



Cloud DNS Records

To add new records to your Cloud DNS, perform the following steps:

1. Log into account.

2. Navigate to My Services Option, Click on "Cloud DNS" Then this will show up.

 Add Domain


3. Click on Add Domain to add the domain address that you want to map to CloudWafer's cloud DNS.

 Add Domain 2


4. After typing the domain name without 'www' or such: '', click Submit.

 Add record to domain


5. This is the result of adding the new zone to your cloud DNS.

Click on the domain you just added to add records.

 Add record to domain


6. This is the result of clicking on the domain.

You can also see cloudwafer's DNS address.

Adding A records 

7. Scroll to the bottom of the Add New Record section and select the kind of record you want to add.

 Adding records 1


8a. To Add A records, you click on A and tap ADD. This gives you the result below

Adding A records

8b. You can also add an A record for www to your domain to ensure that with or without www, the browser points the domain to your server IP address.

Adding A records www


You can add as many records as needed.